Points of Departure


Physical landscape of Singapore islands have seen tremendous change over five decades of independence where many feel the disconnect with places regarded as home. In trying to find familiarity amidst the change, photographic articles as memory artefacts are reconstructed and interwoven to form new narratives indicative of their locations at the time. By drawing reference to the sea as a constant, these new narratives localises the artefacts by the present shoreline in hope to make the past less foreign. These narratives are not a literal recollection of the islands or the coast, but a meditation on the ebb and flow of time and the clarity of human memory. Through this exploration, the artist seeks to embark on a journey to understand the nature of belonging.

Points of Departure is an extension of Toramae's photographic series entitled Temporality that questions memory, familiarity, and displacement by looking into what people choose to document, keep and remember.

With support of the Singapore Memory Project (SMP) and irememberSG fund from 2014 to 2015, the project further incorporates an audio-visual installation and stories inspired by a selection of memories from the islands in collaboration with naval architect/heritage blogger Jerome Lim.

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Once Upon a Picnic, Changi.
Shore Explorers, Sentosa Island
A Stroll on the Tidal Flat, Semakau Island
Waddling in the Sea (Contemplating the Forest City), Tuas
All Aboard for Happy Island
The Junk-Yacht: One of a Kind
Regatta: The Jong Cup
Spearfishing, Tekukor Island
Mass Fish Deaths Along the Northern Shore
Sandcastles Before Hawksbill Hatchlings Emerge, East Coast Beach